Announcements Page

I am pleased to announce that beginning January 1, 2021,  Charlie Harper will be our new region president.   So that there will be a smooth transition, Charlie is already providing input for things impacting next year.

At the annual region meeting, Winnie Garabis announced to the members that the Summer Issue will be her last newsletter.  After ten years she felt that she should move on to other aspects of her life.  Her talent, wonderful personality and creativity have provided Region 2 with many interesting and award winning newsletters.  Everyone in the meeting thanked her for her contribution to the region.  Winnie will be missed.

I will have all the specifics in the next newsletter.  For now, if you have any interest or know someone you think would be a good addition, please get in touch with me.   We will move forward as quickly as possible so that there will be no delays in the winter edition.

Sandy Holmes