The Region 2 Photography Contest is looking for great photographs of your favorite daylilies. The categories are: BEST SINGLE BLOOM, BEST MULTI-BLOOM/CLUMP and BEST CREATIVE. The winner and runners-up for each category will receive a prize.


  • Any ADS Region 2 member of any age can enter up to 2 entries per class (6 entries in total).
  • The entries must have been taken by the member submitting the photo and the photo must have been taken in the year submitted.
  • High resolution digital files in .jpg format are preferred, but film prints are accepted.
  • Submissions must be emailed or postmarked by September 1st and sent to Region 2 Editor, Winnie Garabis, 2958 Tremont Rd, Columbus, OH 43221-2746 or emailed to Winnie at


  • All submitted images must include all or part of a daylily bloom. Images should not include people.
  • Submission must include the category, name of the featured cultivar or seedling notation, the hybridizer and the year of introduction, if applicable.
  • Minor photo editing, such as cropping or minor color and light corrections, is allowed. Please use caution to avoid over manipulation and enhancement of images. No borders or text should be used.
  • Submitting an entry grants the American Daylily Society (ADS) and its Regions the right to reprint or republish submitted photograph(s) in any of the newsletter or journals published by the ADS or any of its Regions; to use such photograph(s) in any other publication published by the ADS or any of its Regions.
  • Images will be judged by an independent panel of three judges. Selections will be made on the basis of photographic quality including light and color accuracy, focus, composition, visual appeal and originality.
  • A prize will be awarded to the first place winners in each category and the winner will be included in a future issue of the Region 2 Great Lakes Daylily Newsletter.

2020 Specific Information: Download the pdf file HERE.

Pictures must be emailed or post marked by September 1, 2020.

WINNER: Charlie Harper. CULTIVAR: ‘Flight of Orchids’, Reed. CATEGORY: Best Single Bloom

WINNER: Saundra Dunn  CULTIVAR: ‘Heavenly Pink Twister’. CATEGORY: Best Multi Bloom

WINNER: Kelly Williams. Cultivar: ‘ Wonder of It All’ (Carr, 2008).  CATEGORY: Best Creative


1st RUNNER UP: Amy McConnell. CULTIVAR: ‘Exotic Starfish’.  CATEGORY: Best Single Bloom

1st RUNNER UP: Christine Haynam. CULTIVAR:  ‘Destin Dreamin”. CATEGORY:  Best Multi Bloom

1st RUNNER UP: Barb Buikema. TITLE: Garden Art. CATEGORY: Best Creative